Sonu Sood To The Rescue Again!

The Covid-19 crisis has affected both the lives and livelihoods of people across the country. The effects can be seen especially in the education sector, where the lockdown has led to shifting to digital space to carry on with the education. In a recent news, it was seen that a man had to sell his cow which was his only source of income to afford a smartphone for his children's online studies.

Sonu Sood Helps Himachal Man
Sonu Sood Helps Himachal Man

The news was seen going viral and just then the grateful actor Sonu Sood came to the rescue and decides to help the man get it cow back. The actor upon reading about the man from Himachal got the news on twitter and immediately asked for the whereabouts of the man so that he could help the person in need. 

Sonu Sood has been on news ever since the lockdown has come into effect. We got to see the great personality of the actor when he helped many migrant workers to get to their hometown in this grueling time with no work left in tje cities. The actor apparantly put up a team inorder to assit the stranded ones to get them to their location. 

The digitised education medium has affected many especially in the villages where the internet access comes at a cost. It is saddening to see the state of a common man to come to a situation like this where he has to sell his livelihood inorder to arrange studies for his kids. 

Written by : Rachana Purohit

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