Mumbai Train Incident : Express Train Brush Against a Truck in Kandivali Station on Monday 20th July

An express train wrecked against a truck in Kandivali on Monday 20th July 2020. The truck was carrying construction materials. The incident happened when the truck was about to cross the tracks. Four rail staff has been suspended from the duty due to this incident. 

An FIR has also been reported against the owner of the truck. There were no reported casualties, however post the incident, the train was at halt and also the locomotive engine of the train was changed pertaining to the damage. 

Mumbai Train Incident
Mumbai Train Incident

The incident happened when the level crossing for specifically opened for the truck to pass by. As a result, when the truck came near the tracks the train brushed against it. The issue happened as the point man opening the gate is suppose to take permission from the superintendent. Who allows the same to pass only after informing the control room. 

However, there were not reported casualties due to the incident. The mishap however could have led to destruction of lives due to a single mis management. The truck drivers life is safe however the incident could have been completely avoided if procedures were followed.

Mumbai track incidents are normal. The rate of people dieing due to track crossing has always been in the news. Strict actions are taken against the prohibitors to maintain discipline in the public. 

A small mismanagement in the cycle of permission and approval led to the accident. 

Written by: Rachana Purohit

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