Actors Above 65 Years Are Barred from Continuing Work in Film Shoots

A recent plea was filed against the Maharashtra government's decision to Barr actors above 65 year age to involve in film or television shoots by Pramod Pandey. Maharashtra government has given its nod to resume film and television shoots in the state keeping in mind the guidelines given by the state government. 

Actors Above 65 Years Are Barred from Shooting
Actors Above 65 Years Are Barred from Shooting

Soon after the order, there were opposite views from the veteran actors, especially from Television industry regarding the decision. Veteran actor Surekha Sikri also opposed the order along with many other actors following her suit. 

As soon as the plea was filed, Maharashtra government filed an affidavit against the plea stating that the decision was taken keeping in mind the safety and health concerns for senior actors. The decision is not taken well by some senior actors and crews because for some this work is the only livelihood left. The lockdown has gone rough on everyone equal and despite of feeling fit and healthy they are not allowed to continue the shoot, said the 70 year old Pramod Pandey, who is highly dependent on this work for livelihood. 

No Shoot Resumes for Elderly cast and crew
No Shoot Resumes for Elderly cast and crew

However, Maharashtra government in its response did clearify that the decision is not based on biased for th however for their safety concern. They do not have any intention to be biased or discriminate with the elderly cast and crew members. 

The decision does not depend on any data, statistics, report taken in any case by the state Authority. The government urged people who cannot step out to carry work from home as done by many working in private sector or have any alterate work which adjusts as per the pandemic we are facing. 

The High Court is still to make decision on the same and will have the hearing on the coming week to proceed ahead. 

Written by Rachana Purohit

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