234 kgs Of Opium Seized In The Biggest Drug Raid in Rajasthan

The largest raid in the recent times happend in Rajasthan, with 234 kg of opium seized. The opium was cultivated in Chittorgarh and was on its was to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The arrest of two people has also come in light.

234 kgs of Opium raided in Rajasthan
234 kgs of Opium raided in Rajasthan

The raid was conducted in the residential area of Mr. R. Lal and that's when the police unit came to seize the huge amount of opium. Another man was arrested in this regards from the Bhilwara area by the police. The name of the person is M.K Dhakad.

As per the preliminary investigation done, it was noticed that the drug consignment was mean to be delivered to drug traffickers from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

As mentioned the opium came from a legal cultivation in Chittorgarh, usually the Central Bureau of Narcotics which reports to the finance ministry has given permission to three states to legally product the product. Those states being Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarpradesh.

Allegedly, the legal cultivation was channeled through to the illegaleans inorder to gain higher profits. These illegal channels then transfers the opium to other parts of the country to convert the same into heroin and sell across.

This surely seems like a big catch for the narcotics department.

Written by : Rachana Purohit

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